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The Twin Towers and the Manhattan Skyline in July 2001


I took this picture at Eagle Rock Reservation in July, 2001. The reservation is located in Montclair, NJ. I have previously posted a picture of just the WTC Twin Towers and lower Manhattan that I took from the location. Today, on the 15th Anniversary of 9/11, I decided post this picture of the entire Manhattan Skyline. I think this picture really illustrates just how prominent the Twin Towers were in relation to all the other skyscrapers in the city.

Photo was taken with my first digital camera, a Kodak DC 290.



Visit to The World Trade Center

Another place I visited in NYC during my most recent trip to the city a couple of weeks ago was the World Trade Center. I must admit that find the new WTC complex a fascinating project. I remember the Twin Towers and the entire old WTC complex very well. As a kid growing up in northern NJ, about 15 miles away from Lower Manhattan, the old WTC defined the New York skyline for me as much as the Empire State Building. Later on in life I would pass by or through the WTC complex on a daily basis because I worked at several different places in lower Manhattan during the 90’s I passed through the old WTC complex hundreds of times because it was a major transit hub. Of course, I was saddened to see what happened to the WTC on 9/11, but I was confident that a new WTC would be built one day, one that would be even bigger and better than the original. It has been a long time in coming, but the new World Trade Center complex finally reached a major milestone with 1 WTC opening up for business a few weeks ago. The entire WTC complex remains a work progress, but things are really advancing now as major pieces are at or near completion. The opening of the nearby Fulton Street subway station a few weeks, after 10 years of construction, was another major milestone.

Here are a few pictures of the WTC from my most recent visit:

This is the view I had of 1 WTC as I emerged from the Fulton Street subway station.

The view of 1WTC from the Fulton Street subway station

The view of 1 WTC from the Fulton Street subway station

Ground Floor of 1 WTC

Ground Floor of 1 WTC

1 WTC and the new WTC Transit Station

1 WTC and the new WTC Transit Station

1 WTC view from the Hudson River Greenway

1 WTC view from the Hudson River Greenway

1 WTC and Battery Park City

1 WTC and Battery Park City

A view of the World Trade Center from Eagle Rock Reservation in July, 2001

I took this picture of the World Trade Center and lower Manhattan exactly 10 years ago (07-29-2001) with my first digital camera, a Kodak DC 290. The picture was taken at Eagle Rock reservation in Montclair, NJ, which is about 15 miles from Manhattan and provides outstanding views of Manhattan on clear days. I was living and working in Manhattan at the time I took this picture, but I had decided to make a trip out to Montclair to take some pictures with my fancy new digital camera. I had previously lived in and around Montclair for many years and the 400 acre “Eagle Rock” has always been one of my favorite places to relax at in that area.

I visited Eagle Rock on my recent visit to NJ and discovered that a 9-11 Memorial has been built at the place where I took the picture above.

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