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Changing Seasons on the KSAT

I took these four pictures on the Karl Stirner Arts Trail in Easton, PA between October, 2016 and January, 2017, one each month, capturing the change in seasons. All pictures were taken with my iPad Pro 9.7.


Visit to the California Palace of the Legion of Honor

I visited San Francisco for a few days back in February and one of the highlights of my trip was my visit to the California Palace of the Legion of Honor, which more commonly known as the Legion of Honor (LOH). I visited SF to explore a job opportunity and my time was limited, but I did have about half a day free for sight seeing and I used that time to visit the Ocean Beach section of San Francisco, as well as the Lands End Trail and the nearby Legion of Honor. I had visited San Francisco 5 or 6 times prior to this trip, but I had never visited that part of the city previously. The LOH is located on the northwest tip of SF. The museum itself and the works of art within it are very impressive and the setting the LOH is in is spectacular.

A reader asked what the museum honors. The answer is the 3,600 men from California who died on the battlefields of France during World War I.

Here is some background from the museum’s website:

“Alma Spreckels persuaded her husband, sugar magnate Adolph B. Spreckels, to recapture the beauty of the pavilion as a new art museum for San Francisco. At the close of the 1915 exposition, the French government granted them permission to construct a permanent replica, but World War I delayed the groundbreaking for this ambitious project until 1921. Constructed on a remote site known as Land’s End—one of the most beautiful settings imaginable for any museum—the California Palace of the Legion of Honor was completed in 1924, and on Armistice Day of that year the doors opened to the public. In keeping with the wishes of the donors, to “honor the dead while serving the living,” it was accepted by the city of San Francisco as a museum of fine arts dedicated to the memory of the 3,600 California men who had lost their lives on the battlefields of France during World War I.”

The Legion of Honor

The Legion of Honor

The entrance to the LOH

The entrance to the LOH

El Cid

El Cid

LOH The Thinker

Fountain at the LOH

This is the view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the Lands End Trail.

Golden Gate Bridge from LET

Visit to Levitated Mass

I spent a couple of days up in Los Angeles earlier this week for some R & R and visited a few of my favorite spots in the City of Angels, including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. I had to go to LACMA to see their celebrated new work of art, the huge boulder called Levitated Mass (LM).

LM was conceived over 40 years ago by artist Michael Heizer. It took him several decades to find just the right rock for the project.

I must say that you don’t truly appreciate just how massive LM really is until you see it in person and walk right up to it or walk underneath it. I’ve been following the progress of this piece of art for over a year, back to when the boulder was still at the quarry in Riverside county. Before finally seeing LM in person I had seen many pictures of the boulder, but I found it more imposing in person than I thought I would. Here is a picture of me in front the 340 ton monster rock. I’m 6’1″, so that gives you an idea of the size of LM.

Is Levitated Mass truly a work of art? Some have posed that question and my answer would be a resounding yes.

A few pictures from Christo’s last project, The Gates in Central Park

Back in 2005 I was living in San Diego, but I made a trip back to New York in February of that year to see Christo’s last project, which was located in Central Park. The project, called The Gates, was comprised of 7,503 gates, which were installed over the entire length of the park. The gates were 16 ft tall and varied in width, from 5 feet 6 inches to 18 feet. Each gate had a saffron-colored panel of nylon fabric hanging from it. The Gates Project had a life span of two weeks (12 Feb to 25 Feb) and that was it, it was gone after that, never to return. Seeing the Gates was a once in a life time opportunity.

Here are a few of the pictures I took of The Gates….

Feds OK Christo’s canopy over river in Colorado

Feds OK Christo’s canopy over river in Colorado.

iPad App Review: Art Authority

I purchased an app called Art Authority recently and I highly recommend it for anyone with an interest in art. The app enables you to display over 50,000 paintings and sculptures on your iPad.

The images of the art look great on the iPad and the app is well designed. It divides the art work into eight virtual rooms: Early, Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic, Impressionist, Modern, Contemporary and American.

I think this app is a bargain at a price of $9.99

I gave the app a rating of 5 stars on the iTunes Store.

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