The Autumn Express and the Return of Passenger Trains to the Lehigh Valley

This past weekend an Amtrak Autumn Express excursion train travelled to the Lehigh Valley from New York City and it was a truly historic event because it was the first time in several decades that a passenger train had actually passed through Easton, Bethlehem and Allentown, the three major cities of the Lehigh Valley. The train then continued west to Harrisburg and Lancaster. After a stop at Lancaster the train headed south to Philadelphia and then north back to New York.

The first Autumn Express train left New York at 8:30 am on Saturday morning, Oct 29th, and crossed the Delaware river at approximately 10:20 am., entering Easton as it headed west the Bethlehem and then Allentown. I made my way to the site of the old Easton Passenger station to watch the Autumn Express roll by. I fairly large crowd of train enthusiasts, including the the mayor of Easton, had gathered to welcome train. A similar crowd formed to Allentown, including the mayor of that city as well, to greet train.



Here is video a shot of the Autumn Express arriving at the site of the former Easton Passenger Station on the morning of Saturday, Oct 29th,

I enjoyed seeing the train so much on Saturday that on Sunday morning  I decided to go to a spot right below the railroad bridge that the Autumn Express would cross the Delaware so I could capture that on video.






Later that morning I shot a brief video explaining why it was such a thrill to see the Autumn Express in Easton and why many in the Lehigh Vally would love the see passenger train service return to this area.




More of My Favorite Pictures of 2015


Whoa, it is almost April 2016! Here are 10 more of favorite pictures from 2015. Going forward I am going feature more of my favorite pictures from prior years. I’ve been taking digital pictures since 2001 and I have amassed a fairly large number of shots that I would like to share with others on this blog. For the past few years I have posted top 10 collections for each year and in some cases expanded that number of favorites. Other times I have featured groups of pictures that I took at a particular location or event. I plan to continue to do that, but I also plan on publishing more blog posts that feature just one photo, or small groups of photos and provide a more detailed description of the subject of the photo (s) than I have previously. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes it really enhances the value of the picture when you explain the story behind it.


Blizzard 2016: A few pictures from Easton. PA

I was wondering if we were ever going to get a real snow storm this winter. Mother Nature really did deliver this past weekend. The Lehigh Valley was buried with 30 plus inches of snow. I was able to capture a few scenes from our latest snow-apocalypse here in Easton, PA. I actually had to work the Saturday that the big storm hit. Fortunately, I live within walking distance of my place of work in Easton, PA, but the walk to and from the office was a bit more challenging than usual, although I must say I enjoyed the stark white imagery that storm created.



Spring Garden St. the morning the storm hit.


North Third St.



Saturday morning. Here is the view from Northampton St. and 6th St.


Here is the view on the Northampton St. at 3:30 pm. The storm was raging and visibility was limited.


Spring Garden St. at night, the snow still falling.


Digging out the Day After. 7th Street.


IMG_1347Northampton St. on Sunday, with clean up well under way.IMG_1354.jpg

Spring Garden St. on Sunday.