Winter’s Last Blast in March 2017

Up until the point when the blizzard hit us here in Easton, Pennsylvania last week I was wondering if were going to have a bona fide major snow storm this winter. I wanted at least one before we entered Spring and Mother Nature certainly delivered. Last week’s storm won’t go down as a record setter, but it did shut everything down for about 24 hours when it arrived on the 14th of March. So, it was

I actually did make my way to work that day. I live about a mile from where I work so I just broke out all my cold weather gear and marched through the snow. It was fun.

Here are a few pictures a took during and after the storm.







Our Fantasy Football League is finished for 2011

I received an e-mail from Facebook today informing me that the Fantasy Football game that I was playing in via FB was cancelled for the rest of the season, which was a HUGE disappointment. The e-mail did not provide an explanation as to why the game was shut down. If some sort of reasonable explanation is not provided in the near future, by Facebook or Fastpoint, the company that actually runs the game, I will probably never play a game connected to either company again.

I am going to see if there are any other leagues I can join at this point, but I will be surprised if I find any at this late date.


There maybe hope. A website called is putting together a Fantasy Football competition for the second half of the season. I received the link for their site in an e-mail from Fastpoint, which explained that Fastpoint was “winding down” all of their fantasy sports games. Thats’s great, they picked a hell of a time to make that decision.

Fantasy Football Week 4

I had high hopes for my team last and it just had a so-so performance, in large part due to the fact that a couple of players did not any points on the board at all. I had TEN WR Kenny Britt, who blew out his knee early in the game against . Britt is gone for season and I had to replace him this week. I’m going with Wes Welker, who is not cheap, but still a fairly good value in our league imo.

I also had AZ RB Beanie Wells for week 3 and he did not play at all. He was coming off an injury and looked like he would ready to go last Sunday, but a game time decision was made not to play him. Wells is supposed to play this week, but I traded him anyway because I had make some major changes in order to get some players I truly coveted and that included adding a RB I consider much better than Wells.

I have high hopes, again, for my reconfigured team. I’m not going to reveal my whole team right now (because my league rivals might be reading this). However, I think this team could produce some big numbers. Here are a few of my players for week 4:

QB Tom Brady

RB Tim Hightower

WR Jordy Nelson

TE Rob Gronkowski

DEF Baltimore Ravens

I ended up trading Philip Rivers and Vincent Jackson, which was difficult for me to do because A) They are both very good players and B) They play for my hometown Chargers. However, they were both fairly expensive and I needed money this week to pay for players who I think could be more productive this week. I will probably reacquire both Rivers and Jackson later in the season, but I had to put aside my hometown bias toward them and pick the players who I think will be the best fit for my overall team.

Going into Week 4 I am in 3rd place in my 9 team league and my Global Rank is 86th percentile for all Rotohog Salary Cap players.

Fantasy Football Week 1

Here was my roster for Week 1:


My team this was good in week one, but far from great. Fastpoint, the company that offers this game via Facebook, ranks all teams in terms of their Global Performance Percentile and my team finished with a rank of 85 PCT.

My QBs played very well, especially Brady with 4 TD’s. I paid up for my QBs and they paid off. The challenge in this game is finding players who may not be top tier players, but are still good values because they are capable of posting good stat’s, which equate to good fantasy point totals.

In this paticular game you receive 4 trades each week. All trades that you do not use are carried over to the following week.

I used all 4 of trades this week.

Fantasy Football 2011

I must say I had my doubts a few months ago that there would be a full NFL season this year, but here we are. I’m pysched about putting my “team” into action in my Fantasy Football League. Rotohog moved their Salary Cap Fantasy Football game to Facebook this year, so you have to play via FB. I’m not real happy about that because I don’t particularly like FB, but the Rotohog version of Salary Cap FF is quite good imo, so we’ll play there.

At the beginning of the season I always feel like I’m relying more on intuition than real analysis of player performance, but I’m pretty comfortable with my line-up. I think I’m rolling the dice on a couple of guys, but I don’t think any of my players will get totally shut out on the stat line.

I will reveal my entire team after Sunday and I will post my global ranking (my rank among all players on FB) from week to week during the season.

Fantasy Football Week XI: The Giants face their toughest test vs Vick

Not too long ago it looked as if the Giants were ready to take control of NFC East. Things have changed quickly and now they have to take on the most dangerous player in the league in Michael Vick. I don’t expect this game to be a blow out, but I do think the Eagles will prevail. Accordingly, I am playing both an Eagle and a Giant on my fantasy teams this week. I’m replacing Eli Manning with Michael Vick as one of my QB’s, along with Peyton Manning. I actually played both Mannings for the first time and it did not work out that well. I wanted to replace Peyton Manning with Philip Rivers this week, but I had to prioritize my trades and shore up other positions that were weaker on my Warthogs team than the second QB slot.

I am also playing Hakeem Nicks as one of my 3 WR’s. I think Eli Should be able to hit Nicks for at least 1 TD. Problem with Eli is he might hit a few Eagles for TD’s too!

I used the Giant defense for the last two weeks, but could not keep them after that debacle vs. Dallas. Going with the Ravens on D this week vs Carolina. There really is no dominant defense in the league this year. The best bet is going with match ups that pit good defenses against the weakest offensives.

I did play Vick on my Fantasy B team, the Bulldogs, last week vs. the Redskins and as a result that team was able to yield a decent point total for the week. If you had Vick on your team last week you did well and if not you got left in dust. Vick produced the highest fantasy point total ever at the QB position with his destruction of the Redskins last week. I am now kicking myself for playing him on my A team last. Ironic too, since I was a big Vick supporter early on and I did play him earlier in the season, prior to his injury. Not having Vick on the Warthogs caused me to lose some serious ground against the frontrunners in my office league. I dropped from 2nd position overall to 3rd. With 7 weeks left the situation is not hopeless, but I am going to have get strong performances from my teams from here to the end.

Unless Vick gets carried off the field I am probably going to play him on both my teams the rest of the season.