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My Ten Favorite Photos of 2016

After lengthy deliberation I have selected the photos that I took in 2016 that are my favorites. I probably have 30 or 40 photos, or more, that could have made the cut. It is tempting to just present my top 20 or top 30, but where does that end?

Most of the pictures I selected were right here in PA, along with a few in Montclair, NJ, where I once lived and one in NYC.

All photos with my iPhone SE or my iPad Pro 9.7.




Ticket Windows at Hoboken Terminal


Toll Bridge, Route 22, Easton, PA


Fall in Easton, PA, Route 611




Old Easton Train Station


Centre Square, Easton, PA


Gardens at Van Vleck Estate, Montclair, NJ


Presby Memorial Iris Gardens, Montclair, NJ


Painters on the Lehigh River, Easton, PA


Changing Seasons on the KSAT

I took these four pictures on the Karl Stirner Arts Trail in Easton, PA between October, 2016 and January, 2017, one each month, capturing the change in seasons. All pictures were taken with my iPad Pro 9.7.


Fall in the Lehigh Valley

I have taken quite a few pictures this fall. Here are a some of my favorites. I took these pictures in Easton, Bethlehem and Phillipsburg, NJ.


Here another group of Fall favorites…







The Autumn Express and the Return of Passenger Trains to the Lehigh Valley

This past weekend an Amtrak Autumn Express excursion train travelled to the Lehigh Valley from New York City and it was a truly historic event because it was the first time in several decades that a passenger train had actually passed through Easton, Bethlehem and Allentown, the three major cities of the Lehigh Valley. The train then continued west to Harrisburg and Lancaster. After a stop at Lancaster the train headed south to Philadelphia and then north back to New York.

The first Autumn Express train left New York at 8:30 am on Saturday morning, Oct 29th, and crossed the Delaware river at approximately 10:20 am., entering Easton as it headed west the Bethlehem and then Allentown. I made my way to the site of the old Easton Passenger station to watch the Autumn Express roll by. I fairly large crowd of train enthusiasts, including the the mayor of Easton, had gathered to welcome train. A similar crowd formed to Allentown, including the mayor of that city as well, to greet train.



Here is video a shot of the Autumn Express arriving at the site of the former Easton Passenger Station on the morning of Saturday, Oct 29th,

I enjoyed seeing the train so much on Saturday that on Sunday morning  I decided to go to a spot right below the railroad bridge that the Autumn Express would cross the Delaware so I could capture that on video.






Later that morning I shot a brief video explaining why it was such a thrill to see the Autumn Express in Easton and why many in the Lehigh Vally would love the see passenger train service return to this area.




Walking along the Delaware

Here is short video I shot during my lunch break yesterday on the banks of the scenic Delaware river.




A Hot Lazy Day on the Delaware

Took a short trip down route 611 today to Riegelsville, PA, which is about 9 miles south of Easton, PA. Like Easton, it is right on the Delaware river. It is the first town south of Easton that has a bridge to New Jersey.

The Riegelsville Bridge opened in 1904 and was designed by the engineering firm of John A. Roebling’s Sons Co. Roebling designed many notable bridges, including the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.

Two Weeks with the iPhone SE

I have been in the market for a new phone for quite a while, but after much deliberation I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a new Apple iPhone SE two weeks ago. So far, I am very pleased it. I bought the 64GB $499.00 model and think it is a terrific value. I will write a more detailed review in a few weeks, but I think it the “little” SE delivers great performance. One of the best things about the phone is it’s 12 MP camera, the exact same camera that is the top of the line iPhone 6S has. The SE also uses the same high performance A9chip as the 6S.

I have already taken quite a few pictures with the SE. Here are a few of my favorites of the last weeks..


Painters on the Lehigh River, Easton, PA


Zion’s Reformed United Church of Christ, Allentown, PA


The Wolf Building, Easton, PA


Nisky Hill Cemetery, Bethlehem, PA

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