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Podcast Listening: 03-12-17 to 03-19-17

In a few prior posts on this blog I have written brief reviews for Podcasts that I listen to regularly and enjoy. I haven’t published a Podcast related post recently, but remain a avid fan of podcasts. I now listen to more podcasts now than I ever have have previously. Going forward I am going recommend specific podcasts from my favorite podcast hosts that I have enjoyed and found informativerather than just write a general post about a particular podcast.

Here are two Podcasts from last week that I enjoyed:

March 13, 2017:  The Joe Rogan Experience #930 – Guest: Will MacAskill

March 17, 2017: The Bill Simmons Podcast, Ep 189 – Guest: Steve Ballmer






Podcast Listening: The Joe Rogan Experience

I haven’t posted a Podcast review post in quite awhile, but I certainly haven’t stopped listening to podcasts. If anything, I spend more time listening to podcast than ever before. I have a pretty busy work schedule, between my primary job and various projects that I work on the side. So, podcasts are great for me because I can listen to them whenever I have time.

One podcast that I have listened to for a few years now and become a big fan is The Joe Rogan Experience, hosted by Joe Rogan, best known for being UFC’s lead color commentator, a stand-up comedian, and television show host.

I like the Joe Rogan Experience because Joe does bring on lost interesting guests from a wide variety of backgrounds, although I would admit many of shows feature fellow stand-up comedians and personalities from the world of mixed martial arts. However, aside from those two groups he invites a fairly eclectic mix of guests on to discuss topics ranging from politics, to hunting, to bio-technology, to the financial markets and other topics.

I would say that Rogan is left of center overall in terms of political views. I don’t agree him philosophically on many issues, but I like the fact that he willing to bring on guests that do not share his views and have a real debate over issues. Many talk show hosts these days , whether on radio or TV, do not do that. So, in that respect I find TJRE interesting listening.
One thing that I would have to caution new listeners on is language on TJRE. Joe and some of guests can be quite profane. That doesn’t me, I actually find the the colorful language on the show pretty funny sometimes but I could see how some people might be offended by it, especially if they were not expecting it.

So, I would have to give this podcast an R rating for language and content. This pod doesn’t always include profanity, that usually depends on the guest(s) and the subjects being discussed, but it frequently does.

To be continued….

Podcast Listening : The Grantland NFL Podcast

This is Part 4 in my Podcast Listening series of blog posts, in which I identify podcasts that I listen to regularly and recommend.

The Grantland NFL Podcast is hosted by Grantland NFL experts Bill Barnwell and Roberts Mays. During the season Barnwell and Mays produce three podcasts per week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Each episode is about an hour long.

I’m a pretty big fan of the NFL, as those who regularly read this may know, so I really appreciate this podcast because the hosts provide very insightful analysis of the the games that have been played during the past week and those that are coming up during the week immediately in advance. Barnwell and Mays really know their stuff and the serious fans of the game will appreciate the depth of the their knowledge. They also engage in quite a bit of debate about the performance of teams and individual players, frequently disagreeing, but usually both make good arguments and that is what makes this podcast entertaining, as well as informative.

Rated PG: Pretty clean podcast, these guys don’t use any profanity, although they do crack some corny jokes from time to time.

Podcast Listening-Part III: The John Batchelor Show

This post is part of a continuing series on Podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis and recommend.

The John Batchelor Show

This podcast is a recording of The John Batchelor Show (TJBS), which is a radio show on WABC in New York City. You can listen to this show via WABC’s website or by downloading the show’s podcasts on iTunes. The show streams on WABC from 9:00 pm to 1:00 am Monday to Friday. John Batchelor broke into talk radio as a host back in 2001, in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. So, Batchelor has been a radio presence for a while now and I’m sure those of you who are talk radio fans are familiar with him.

John Batchelor is a 1970 graduate of Princeton University and a 1976 graduate of New York Seminary. The focus of Mr. Batchelor’s show is politics, geopolitics, history, science, economics and even sports on occasion. Most of the time the show discusses current events and conditions, but there are a significant number of shows devoted to the discussion and analysis of prominent events from earlier eras.

TJBS is a guest driven show and the host does not take calls from the audience. Instead, Batchelor discusses the topics mentioned above with very knowledgable, very authoritative guests that he invites from elite media, government and academic circles. I think it is fair to say his guests represent the views of the establishment, especially the gov’t, media and finance establishment based in DC and NY. Some of the regular guests on TJBS include the following:

Gordon Chang
John Avalon
Malcom Hoenlein
John Fund
Larry Johnson
Bob Zimmerman
Salena Zito
Larry Kudlow
Katrina vanden Heuvel
Steven F. Cohen
Jeff Bliss
Dennis Ross
Various writers from Bloomberg, WSJ, Forbes, etc.
Academics from the some the leading universities of the nation.

Batchelor is a Republican and a political conservative, although I would characterize him as a moderate, at least with regard to social and economic issues. His foreign policy views are somewhat internationalist, or non-isolatist, if you will. So, that pretty much puts him in the GOPe camp on most issues. I don’t share that orientation most of time, but I really enjoy hearing different views and positions if the arguments for those views and positions are made by people who are intelligent and articulate. Sometimes my mind is changed on particular issues.

One of the strengths of the show is that guests come from both the left and right of the political spectrum, although they are usually fairly mainstream for the most part. You won’t find any yelling and screaming on TJBS, nor much humor, at least not intentional humor, but I enjoy the serious, almost academic demeanor of the show. You won’t find too many bomb throwers on TJBS either. Not too many guests who appear on TJBS will be found on the Alex Jones Show or the Michael Savage Show and vice versa. I try to listen a wide variety of radio shows and podcasts, from one end of the political spectrum to the other, although I would admit to favoring hosts that lean toward libertarian views.

So, if you appreciate intelligent discussions of some of the most important facing our country and the world today I would recommend that you download a few podcasts of The John Batchelor Show. You may not always agree with all the views expressed on the show, I know I don’t, but I think you will definitely find it informative.

Podcast Listening… Part II

This is my second post about Podcasts. As I mentioned in my first post about Podcasts, I’ve become a big fan of Podcasts within the last few years and from time to time I will highlight certain Podcasts that I think are interesting, informative or just plain entertaining. When I think it is appropriate I will attach a Film style rating (PG, R, etc.) to the descriptions of the podcasts in order to indicate adult content when appropriate..

The Mark Levin Show Audio Rewind

Mark Levin is a conservative radio talk show host, with a nationally syndicated show. He broadcasts his show from his home in northern Virgina. Mr. Levin is a lawyer by training and served in the Reagan administration in a number of positions, including as the Chief of Staff for Attorney General Edwin Meese.

It doesn’t take long to figure out if you like Levin or not. Not too many people have neutral feelings about Levin. Levin’s opinions are very unambiguous and his criticisms of Democrats, as well as establishment Republicans (RINO’s), can be quite pointed. Some consider his style abrasive and he does engage in a fair amount of yelling, screaming and name calling, but he makes no apologies about that, that’s just his style.

Levin has an exceptional understanding of law and the constitution and I think his insights on legal topics and the activities of Congress, the Executive branch and the Judicial branch of the government are what often make the show worth listening to.

An added bonus in my view is that Levin is a big MMA fan and sometimes discusses the sport on his show, which is rare among the major political talk show hosts. He has interviewed UFC President Dana White and UFC star Chael Sonnen on the show, who happens to be a conservative Republican.

Real Time with Bill Maher Rated R for profanity

And on the other end of political spectrum….we have Bill Maher. I agree Maher a whole lot less than I agree with Levin on most political issues, but I still enjoy the podcast of Maher’s HBO show quite a bit. I would say I only agree with Maher about 10 percent of the time, but I often find the lively debates that he presides over on Real Time interesting, even if the the conservatives that are invited to the show are often outnumbered. However, I appreciate the fact that Maher is willing to allow discussions that cover just about every political topic, no matter how controversial. Although there is a comedic element to Maher’s show I often find the debates on his show more authentic then the debates that take place on the traditional Sunday morning network political shows, such as Meet the Press or Face the Nation.

This is not a video podcast, just the audio from the television show, but that works fine in this case. In some ways I think I enjoy just listening to this particular show more than I do watching it because I can pay attention to the dialogue better.

Disclaimer: My recommendation of a podcast does not necessarily mean that I agree with the views and opinions of the podcast’s host(s) or guests.

A Few Of My Favorite Podcasts

I have become a big fan of podcasts within the last 5 years or so. I love the ability of being able to listen to a podcast at a time that is convenient to me. I probably listen to about 10 podcasts on a regular basis and there are others that I listen to on an occasional basis.

Here are a few podcasts that are among my favorites. I will list others in future posts on this topic, but I will start with these three because I listened to all three this weekend.

1) Mark Steyn (Substituting for Rush Limbaugh) – Steyn is my favorite substitute host for Rush. I think Steyn’s wit and his decidedly un-PC sense of humor always produce an entertaining show when Mark is substituting for the Big Voice on the Right.

2) Webster Tarpley’s World Crisis Radio – Webster Tarpley is a Washington D.C. based author, historian and journalist. His podcast is presented weekly and presents his views on the major domestic political events of the past week and his view of the geopolitical landscape around the globe, especially hotspots, such as Europe, the Middle East and Asia. This choice might come as surprise to those of you who know that my personal politics lean right of center on most issues, because Tarpley is way, way out on the left. I rarely find myself in agreement with Tarpley, but I respect his views because he is very well educated (BA Princeton, MA Skidmore College, Ph.D. Catholic University of Ammerica) and he offers a lot of insights you won’t find in the MSM. I also appreciate his literary and historical references, which I think are quite funny sometimes.

Oddly enough, I discovered Tarpley on the Alex Jones show. He was a frequent guest on AJ’s show until he started hosting his own show on the Genenis Communications Network.

3) ESPN UFC Podcast – Hosted by Garth A. Davies and Ben Blackmore from the UK. This is weekly podcast that discusses the the fights and fighters of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. These guys always provide interesting analysis of UFC fights that have just taken place, as well as predictions for upcoming fights.

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