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Cabrillo Bridge in Balboa Park B&W HDR

Cabrillo Bridge, Balboa Park, San Diego, Califorina.

I modified this picture with the Tonality B&W photo editing app, which I recently purchased. I really like the way this app can change the look of many of my favorite pictures, such as this one. More to come.


Cabrillo Bridge Tonality HDR

A Walk Along the La Jolla Coast Trail

This weekend the Wall St. Journal published a good article about San Diego and highlighted many places that visitors would enjoy. The article made me consider some of my favorite spots in “America’s Finest City”, a place that I know well as a result of living there from 2003 to 2014. There are so many beautiful, scenic places in San Diego that it is very challenging to choose one spot as the best, but certainly one of my favorite places is the Coastal Trail just north of La Jolla Village where the views over the California Coast and the Pacific Ocean are truly stunning. I have walked along that trail many, many times and took several videos that I think capture the beauty of the area. I took the video posted below on a quiet Monday back in March of 2011.



Bus Stop on the Silver Strand

I was browsing my photo archives earlier today and came across this picture on the Silver Stand beach near San Diego, which is one of my favorites. I enhanced this photo with the Snapseed HDR filter.

The Silver Strand is a narrow stretch of beach, about 7 miles long that connects Coronado Island to Imperial Beach and the rest of California. The Pacific Ocean is on the west side of the Strand and San Diego Bay is on the  east side. State Highway 75 runs along the the entire length of the Strand and buses from San Diego’s Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) run up and down the Strand (the 901 Bus). There is also a paved biking/running path that runs parallel to the highway. I took this picture during one of my many bike rides from Coronado to Imperial Beach and back. I snapped this picture heading north, on the way back to Coronado.

To the left of the bus shelter you can see Point Loma in the distance. To the right you can see the bike path.This particular stop is roughly in the middle of strand and Silver Strand State Beach is literally right across the highway.


Seagull on the Ocean Beach Pier, San Diego

I took this picture at the end of Ocean Beach Pier in San Diego, CA July 2011.

As you can see from this photo the shore is quite a distance away. The OB Pier is 1,971 ft long and is the longest concrete pier on the West Coast of United States.

Seagull on OB Pier SD





View South From the La Jolla Gliderport


I took this picture back in 2012. I love the dramatic meeting of land and sea that this spot in La Jolla presents.


La Jolla Gliderport

Views of San Diego in HDR

I the past several months I have posted a few of my favorite HDR pictures of NYC, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Los Angeles, but the city that I have the most digital pictures of is San Diego, where I lived from 2003 until July, 2014. I have finally selected a few of my favorite shots from America’s Finest City and applied the Snapseed HDR filter to them. Frankly, it was hard to pick just a few pictures and declare them my favorites, but I will say that these five are among my favorites for sure…more to follow at a future date.

La Jolla

La Jolla

La Jolla’s reputation for seaside beauty is certainly well deserved.

Heading out to Sea

Heading out to Sea

I took this picture from Shelter Island as an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, which I believe was the USS Higgins, was headed out of the port of San Diego and toward the Pacific Ocean.

The view of Pacific Beach from the Crystal Pier

The view of Pacific Beach from the Crystal Pier

This picture captured the waves rolling into Pacific Beach from the Crystal Pier in PB, where you can sleep above the waves if you want to. There are bungalows built right on the pier that are available for rental.

Newport Ave., Ocean Beach, San Diego

Newport Ave., Ocean Beach, San Diego

Newport Avenue is the main drag in the Ocean Beach section of San Diego. OB is one of my favorite neighborhoods in San Diego. Gritty, bohemian, unconventional, working class, it is quite different than many of SD’s wealthier neighborhoods, but what it lacks in wealth it makes up for in character.

Downtown San Diego

Downtown San Diego

The view of downtown San Diego from Coronado.

Visit to Mt. Soledad


I biked to the top of Mt. Soledad in La Jolla on July 4th. Mount Soledad’s summit is at height of 822 ft and biking up or hiking up to the top is a serious physical challenge. I had not done any serious biking in a while and I had to walk up a few steep sections of the route up from the Pacific Beach side of the mountain, but the 360 degree views of the San Diego area and the Pacific Ocean were well worth the effort, as was the opportunity to see the historic National Veterans Memorial again. I highly recommend a visit to Mt. Soledad for those of with plans to visit San Diego. Of course, you don’t have to hike or bike up there if you don’t want to. Driving up to the summit is a bit easier and there is ample parking near the memorial.

Soledad Nat Vet Mem

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