Dawn on Delaware River

Here is a picture I took yesterday morning in Easton, PA, near the “Free Bridge” that spans the Delaware River and connects Easton and Phillipsburg, NJ. Several weeks of extreme cold has frozen many parts of the river. About a mile and half north of this point the entire river was frozen over.

I took quite a few pictures the last couple of weeks to capture some of the beautiful images that the cold and the now famous”Bomb Cyclone” have produced.

This picture was one of my favorites. I will be posting more to the blog soon, as well as a video or two.

I took this photo with my Canon PowerShot G9X Mk II.


Dawn on the Delaware 08JAN18

App’s I like

I haven’t posted a review of iPhone/iPad app’s in a long time, but here are two App’s that I have been using the past couple of months that I am very pleased with and highly recommend:

Dark Sky – Weather

I really like the design of this app. When I first read about that app my initial reaction was, “Well what can it provide that other weather app’s do not?”. However, i found that it really does display weather information in a very unique format that gives you a complete picture of the weather in your area very quickly.. The maps are great and are especially cool when displayed on a tablet

Dark Sky costs a $3.99, but I think it well worth it.

StocksTracker – Financial 

The second app that has become a new favorite of mine is StocksTracker.  Yes, there are hundreds of stock app’s out there, but I think this app is exceptionally well designed and the interface is very well organized.
The bacic app is free, but if you want the full version with all the bell and whistles it costs $15.00. I used the free version at first  and I liked it so much that bought the full version after two  weeks. I think the charts are very good.
It is a great app for the iPhone, but even better on the iPad.

Fall Colors – 2014

I has been quite a long time since I experienced a fall in the Northeast, after spending the last 10 years plus in San Diego. I loved the moderate year around temperatures of Southern California, but I can honestly say that I missed the changing seasons too and the spectacular changing colors of the trees in the NE was certainly one reason why. I’ve taken an variety of pictures here in Northeastern PA as well as Northern  NJ that capture some of the beauty of fall. Here are a few of my favorites so far, with more to come in future posts.


The Road up to College Hill, Easton, PA.
The Road up to College Hill, Easton, PA.
Nevins Park, College Hill, Easton,PA
Nevins Park, College Hill, Easton,PA
Fall Colors along the Delaware River. View North from Easton, PA.
Fall Colors along the Delaware River. View North from Easton, PA.