Blog Post #3 – 2019

Wow, we are into month 7 of 2019 and this only my THIRD blog post of the year! I knew I had published only a few posts so far this, but I was a little shocked when I checked recently and confirmed I had only posted twice this year. I think that is my slowest start for the first half of a year since I started writing this thing back in 2009.

Well, I definitely plan to be a bit more active in the second have of this year. This is not the first time that I have had a prolonged stretch with few blog posts. I can’t attribute that to any one thing, but I have given it some thought to this most recent decline in posting . I think there two things that I would attribute my lack of blogging to this year. One would be my personal computer equipment and the other is Twitter.

My computer a MacBook Air. I also have 9.7 inch iPad Pro and an iPhone XR. I can blog on all three of those devices, but I honestly don’t enjoy blogging on my iPad or iPhone. I just don’t consider them well suited for blogging. However, that is no reflection on the WordPress app, which works very well. I just prefer to work with larger screens when blogging. I do use the Twitter app on my iPhone and iPad quite a bit.

I recently purchased a new 23 inch Dell monitor and a new wireless Logitech keyboard, both of which I like a lot. I also purchased a new, large desk, so I’m to use my MacBook Air more as a conventional desktop and I think now that I have good home office set-up in place I’ll be more inclined to do more blogging. I’ll like to add a second monitor and possibly a regular desktop computer. Ideally, a computer that doesn’t take up too much space, such as a Mac Mini. I owned a first gen Mac Mini many years ago and really liked it, but ultimately traded in for a MacBook. However, I’m quite intrigued by the current Mac Mini’s and some of the mini computers that run Windows, such as those offered by Dell and HP. If I do purchase one I’ll be sure to post a Product Review post.

I have been on Twitter since 2009, under the handle @georgefattell. I have to admit Twitter is the one Social Media app that I like quite bit and I use it very extensively. The character limit expansion from 140 characters to 280 characters back in November of 2017 made Twitter even more attractive to me. However, even with that expansion the Twitter platform has obvious limitations. In some cases I have been tempted to post a tweet to express my thoughts on topics, but did not follow through because a tweet or even multiple tweets might not provide sufficient space to address certain topics in a way that accurately reflect all full extent of my thoughts on those topics. So, in the interest of providing a more complete expression of views and opinions on many different subjects I am going try blog more.