A high tech “Green” addition to Little Italy

This new mixed use building in SD's Little Italy is called the Q.
This new mixed use building in San Diego's Little Italy neighborhood is called the Q.

I was riding my bike through Little Italy and other neighborhoods in downtown San Diego this afternoon and came across the nearly completed Q building. This building makes use of a variety of new technologies, including solar power, to make it a “Green” building which meets or exceeds LEED standards. I’ve watched as work on this building progressed during the course of the last year and wondered how it would ultimately turn out. I’m not sure everyone in that neighborhood likes this building because it is so large and the contemporary design represents a distinct departure from some of the old buildings that line India Street. But I like the way the building stands out. It is daring and, yes, it is relatively tall, but at 7 stories it doesn’t overpower the surrounding structures in my opinion. It is only a few blocks from the bay and I’m sure the upper floors provide great views of centre city and the bay.

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