NFL 2009 – Week V

Can’t wait to see how my newly revamped Fantasy Football team performs tomorrow. All my players, with one exception, play in early games so I will find out soon. I reluctantly traded Eli Manning, but I considered him too much of a risk for the game against Oakland. If he plays he could have a big game, but based on the media reports it sounds like a toss up. Not too worried though because I replaced him with a very solid QB who should have a good game on Sunday. I’ll post my line-up, with some comments, after the games start (Gotta maintain operational security) .

UPDATE Post game comments:

My team was good, but not great, this week. That’s OK though, I wanted some production from everyone and most of my guys racked up at least decent point totals. Here is my team this week:

QB’s: Flacco & Roethlisberger. RB’S: Ray Rice & Brandon Jacobs. WR’s: Hines Ward, Steve Smith, Patrick Crayton. TE: Brent Celek. K: David Akers and Defense: NY Giants.

I’ve got one RB playing tonight and he has a big game I should have a respectable point total for this week. I’m especially pleased with the Giant D. They piled up 6 sacks and nearly shutout Oakland.

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