NBA 2009-2010 Finals prediction

Almost one-quarter of the NBA season has been completed and most of the teams that were expected to do well are doing well. Barring major injury I expect to see the Lakers and Magic meeting again in the Finals. I don’t think any team in the West can take out the Lakers, although Denver could give them a tough fight. In the end though, Nuggets don’t have the size to deal with the Lakers frontline. Phoenix is playing remarkably well. As usual, they have a potent offense, but will they be able to shut anyone down come playoff time? And will Nash be able to hold up for the whole season?

At this point I think the Magic are the best in the East. The addition of Vince Carter and Jason Williams has made them even more potent offensively. The Magic won’t run away with East because the Celts, Cavs and young Hawks will provide stiff competition, but the Magic are too deep this year for everyone else in the East. Vince Carter and Jason Williams make them significantly better than they were last year. Right now I still have to give the edge to the Lakers in a match up with the Magic, but that may change by the end of the regular season.

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