UFC 107 Predictions

UFC 107 looks like it has a pretty good card imo. I think the top four fights could all be very competitive.

Penn vs. Sanchez: I don’t think Sanchez can dethrone the champion. As a result of his new training regimen Penn looks unbeatable at 155 lbs. Kenny Florian found out the hard way that Penn is very capable of going four rounds without gassing. I expect Sanchez will find out the same, if it goes four rounds, which I doubt. Sanchez will be aggressive and this fight will probably end with a KO/TKO, one way or another. I think Penn will prevail with a KO by round three.

Mir vs. Kongo: Interesting contrast of styles here. The Jiu Jitsu expert vs the Puncher. I’ll take the newly bulked up Frank Mir in the fight. Kongo definitely has KO capability and Mir has to be very careful to avoid the Big punch that will put him never-never land. I think Mir is smart enough to avoid that and will bring the fight to the ground, where he should have a great advantage. Cain Velasque’s recent victory over Kongo demonstrated that Kongo is still very vulnerable to fighters with superior wrestling ability. Mir’s Jiu-Jitsu skills and the 20 pounds of muscle that he has added (he now weighs 264 lbs) should enable him to beat Kongo. Mir by submission in the second round.

Fitch vs. Pierce: I never seen Pierce fight, but I have seen Fitch on a number of occasions and Fitch always fights well, even when he loses. I’ve got to go with Fitch. I’ll say Fitch by decision.

Florian vs. Guida: Florian suffered a very decisive loss to B.J. Penn in his last fight and as a result Florian decided to switch trainers. He is now using the Montreal based Firas Zahabi, who also trains Georges St. Pierre. I expect to see a new and improved Florian. Clay Guida will present a real challenge because he skilled in multiple fighting styles and has high endurance. This should be a tough fight, but I don’t see Florian suffering a second consecutive defeat. I’ll say Florian by sub in round three.

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