Talkers link section

I recently added a Talkers list to the Links section of my blog. I was originally going to title the section Talk Radio, but that really wouldn’t be accurate because I listen many hosts via the internet and podcasts these days, so I’ll just call it Talkers for now.

My personal politics definitely lean to the right of center and my favorite Talk Show hosts are conservatives, but I do listen to some left of center hosts as well because I find “the other side” interesting and informative sometimes. Moreover, the hosts that I listen to, including those on the left, have a sense of humor and can be funny imo.

I would rank my top five Talk show hosts as follows:

1 – Rush

2 – Savage

3 – Mark Levin

4 – Cenk Uygur

5 – Glen Beck

Also like (in no particular order) Roger Hedgecock and Rick Roberts, both of San Diego, as well as Mike Malloy, Alex Jones, Max Keiser, Bill Cunningham and Jerry Doyle.

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