2010 NBA Playoffs – Conference Finals

Well, it looks like I’m going to be 1 for 2 in predicting which teams would prevail in the conference finals. The Lakers and Celtics are both up 2 to zip and are headed for yet another showdown in finals, which I look forward to. I thought all along that the Lakers would make the finals, but this Celtic team has surprised me a bit. I knew Boston was good, but I honestly thought they were a little too old to take out Cleveland or the Orlando Magic. They’re not older, they’re better, especially with the emergence of Rajon Rhondo as an All-Star caliber point guard.

I don’t see how the Magic can win 4 out 5 games against this very tough Boston squad. It was absolutely critical for the Magic to win game 2 at home and they fell just short. That was deadly.

As for the Lakers, they just have too much size and offensive firepower for any other team in the west. Phoenix is just the latest to find that out the hard way.

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