UFC 114

UFC 114 looks like it will have a pretty good card, with at least 4 or 5 fights that could be very entertaining. Of course, it is the main event, with Rampage Jackson vs Sugar Rashad Evans that is the major draw and with good reason. It is a very compelling match-up between two top light heavies that seem to intensely dislike each other. Jackson vs Evans is the only fight at this event that I have made a pick on and I’m going with Rampage in what I expect to be a close hard fought fight. I did not make predictions for any other fights because there are many match-ups where I am familiar with one fighter, but not the other, so I would making more uneducated guesses than I am comfortable with.

I think Rashad Evans has a chance to win if he keeps the fight on the ground and uses his superior wrestling skills to his advantage, but he has to avoid Jackson’s dangerous striking and the KO power that is packed in Rampage’s punches. In the end I think Rampage’s strength will prove too much for Evans.

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