UFC 117 Post Fight thoughts

I went 3 and 0 on my predictions and I’m pleased with that, although I wasn’t going out on a limb with any of my picks (SIlva, Fitch, Dos Santos). Still, wins are wins, and I’ll take them.

Fitch and Dos Santos won tough fights, but did so decisively. Anderson Silva, on the other hand, barely survived his battle against Chael Sonnen. As I noted in my 117 prediction post I was rooting for Sonnen and thought he was capable of pulling the upset. Sonnen dominated the fight for 4 1/2 rounds, until Silva found a away of putting Sonnen in a triangle choke and submitted him before the final round ended. Submissions have always been Sonnen’s Achilles Heal and, unfortunately for him, Silva was able to take advantage of what might be Sonnen’s only real weakness. Hopefully, we will see a rematch between these two. Ironically, Sonnen’s reputation in the MMA world has been elevated in defeat because he showed the world that the seemingly invincible Anderson Silva can be beaten.

The victory by Junior Dos Santos puts him in line to fight the winner of the Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez fight. Good luck with that Junior.

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