The New iPod Touch

Over the weekend I had a chance to watch the Steve Jobs intro of the new iPod Touch last Wednesday in San Francisco on Apple’s site and I’m really impressed by the upgraded version of this iPod. I think Apple hit it out the park again! Jobs noted that the Touch has become the largest selling iPod of all time and went on to describe the improvements to the new model. The Touch now sports the same Apple designed A-4 chip as the iPhone 4, it also now has the Retina Display, which is a 960 x 640 LCD display, as well as front and back video cameras. The Touch can record in HD and enable users to video chat via a feature called Face Time with other Apple devices that are Face Time capable. Right now that means iPhone 4 and the Touch, but in the not too distant future that will probably include all new Mac’s and iPads. That is huge imo.

Interestingly, Jobs at one point in the presentation of the Touch referred to it as an “iPhone without a contract”. I can see the Touch becoming a primary communications device for some people, especially students and others who are more budget conscious (The Touch starts at $229.00). The advancement of VOIP apps , social networking apps and conventional e-mail apps will enable Touch users to communicate quite effectively anytime they in a wifi hot-spot and those have become quite ubiquitous.

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