Fantasy Football Week III: Reid makes the call

Andy Reid’s decision to install Michael Vick as the starting QB for the Philadelphia Eagles certainly changes the balance of power in the NFC East.

As a fantasy QB Vick paid a very handsome dividend last week. When I added Vick to my team I thought he would only be starting last week and then it would be back to the bench for him. So, I was pleasantly surprised to hear the news that Coach Reid decided to make him the permanent starter. It must have been a tough call to bench starter Kevin Kolb, but I think Reid made a gutsy decision and the right call. If Vick continues to play at the level he played at in the first two games the sky is the limit for the Eagles. They could make a deep playoff run with Vick.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Week III: Reid makes the call

  1. Hate to rain sewage on your parade, but don’t you have to take Vick’s performance last week with a grain of salt? After all, the Detroit Lions are still the Detroit Lions. It’s not as if anyone is naming islands after any of their defensive players. I’m not saying Vick is a scrub. I am saying I wouldn’t expect him to match his Week 2 numbers throughout the season.


    1. M. Vick vs Jacksonville

      291 yards passing
      0 INT’s
      3 TD’s passing
      1 TD rushing
      30 yards rushing on 4 carries

      I agree with you. Vick is not a scrub.

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