Television: Terriers

I don’t watch too many new TV shows these day, but I recently found a new show on FX called Terriers that I think is very entertaining. The show is a crime drama that follows the lives of two private investigators in present day San Diego. I first read about this show on the Daily Beast website a couple of weeks ago and noticed that the first episode was being offered on iTunes for free, so I decided to take a look. I was intrigued because I read that the show set in my current hometown of San Diego. Not too many TV shows are set in San Diego so I was curious about how the city would be portrayed in show. Some of you may remember that there was another San Diego based PI show back in the 1980’s on CBS called Simon & Simon, starring Jameson Parker and Gerald McRaney, that was quite good as well. It had a run of 8 seasons. I’m not sure that Terriers will last 8 seasons but it is off to a good start imo. It is always particularly enjoyable to discover a good new TV series in it’s first season because you don’t know what to expect from the characters and the story lines are new and not predictable. No matter how good a series is there comes a point where the actors and writers really can’t surprise the audience in the way they could the first season or two.

The show appears to be been shot all over San Diego. In just the first three episodes I recognized location shots in a variety of well known neighborhoods, including Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, La Jolla, downtown and Balboa Park. I’m surprised I never came across the show’s crew shooting a scene. I have already viewed a few scenes shot just blocks from where I live downtown. Overall, I would say that show portrays San Diego in realistic light. Although San Diego is known for sun and fun it is not all a big resort. Even some of the beach communities have a rough edge to them and the show illustrates that well.

In this video the stars of Terriers discuss their characters and what the show is all about. Terriers does have moments of comedy, but it can be a very dark show. By episode 3 you really understand that. Terriers is smart and funny, but definitely not a show for kids under 18 because of the adult themes of the series. :

More about the show can be found here Terriers Official Website

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