The iPad exceeds expectations

The iPad was featured as one of the 39 best gadgets of 2010 in the November edition of  Wired magazine. I’ve owned an iPad for almost a month now and I think a strong case can be made for the iPad being the #1 gadget of the year. Why? Because 10 years from now people will look back at the iPad and see it as the device that redefined mobile computers. I totally agree with the laudatory assessment of the device in Wired, which reads in part as follows:

The laptop is at its end. You may have already purchased your last one. We’ve touched the future, and it feels a lot like the iPad. The gesture-based interface is instantly understandable and better than anything else we’ve tried-ever…….”

Wired also notes that there is room for improvement:

Sure, it could be improved: Give it a camera, a supersharp Retina display, and more data-plan option…. ”

I would also suggest to Apple that at least one USB port be added and a SD card slot in the 2nd generation iPad. I think we will see most, if not all, of those improvements in the next iPad.

In fact, it would not surprise me at all if Apple equipped the next iPad with front andrear facing cameras, like the latest versions of the iPhone and iPod. I think the next gen version will also feature Facetime, Apple’s video conferencing app.

I will provide reviews of iPad apps going forward. I’ve already downloaded a couple dozen app and I think some are outstanding.

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