Fantasy Football Week XI: The Giants face their toughest test vs Vick

Not too long ago it looked as if the Giants were ready to take control of NFC East. Things have changed quickly and now they have to take on the most dangerous player in the league in Michael Vick. I don’t expect this game to be a blow out, but I do think the Eagles will prevail. Accordingly, I am playing both an Eagle and a Giant on my fantasy teams this week. I’m replacing Eli Manning with Michael Vick as one of my QB’s, along with Peyton Manning. I actually played both Mannings for the first time and it did not work out that well. I wanted to replace Peyton Manning with Philip Rivers this week, but I had to prioritize my trades and shore up other positions that were weaker on my Warthogs team than the second QB slot.

I am also playing Hakeem Nicks as one of my 3 WR’s. I think Eli Should be able to hit Nicks for at least 1 TD. Problem with Eli is he might hit a few Eagles for TD’s too!

I used the Giant defense for the last two weeks, but could not keep them after that debacle vs. Dallas. Going with the Ravens on D this week vs Carolina. There really is no dominant defense in the league this year. The best bet is going with match ups that pit good defenses against the weakest offensives.

I did play Vick on my Fantasy B team, the Bulldogs, last week vs. the Redskins and as a result that team was able to yield a decent point total for the week. If you had Vick on your team last week you did well and if not you got left in dust. Vick produced the highest fantasy point total ever at the QB position with his destruction of the Redskins last week. I am now kicking myself for playing him on my A team last. Ironic too, since I was a big Vick supporter early on and I did play him earlier in the season, prior to his injury. Not having Vick on the Warthogs caused me to lose some serious ground against the frontrunners in my office league. I dropped from 2nd position overall to 3rd. With 7 weeks left the situation is not hopeless, but I am going to have get strong performances from my teams from here to the end.

Unless Vick gets carried off the field I am probably going to play him on both my teams the rest of the season.

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