The Academy Awards

I’m really looking forward to the Oscars because of the inordinate number of good films in contention top awards.  Here are my predictions for the major awards:

Best Picture: Seems to be a battle between The Social Network (TSN) and  The Kings Speech (TKS) .  Both are excellent films imo. I’ve also recently watched True Grit and The Fighter, and I think highly of those films as well. In a less competitive year those films might have been Oscar favorites.

I bet the voting will be close, but I’ll go with TSN over TKS.

Best Director: David Fincher for TSN.

Best Actor: Colin Firth.

Best Actress:  Natalie Portman

Best Supporting Actor: Christian Bale. His performance in TF was riveting. I think Bale is the best actor working right now. This will be his first Oscar, but not his last.

Best Supporting Actress: Melissa Leo.

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