The Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in San Diego

I attended the 31st annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in San Diego this past Saturday. I thought it was a very cool event and it seems to grow bigger every year. I have attended  this event a few times in recent years, but never brought my camera along. This time I made sure I brought my camera and my iPhone for pictures and video.

The parade and accompanying celebration in Balboa Park is a lot of fun for anyone who is Irish, part Irish (that would include me, I’m  1/4 Irish)  or Irish for a day. This year 30,000 people turned out along the parade route.

Here is link to more pictures I took in Balboa Park and along the parade route , which guided the marchers down 6th Avenue and then turned around at Juniper Street and sent them up 5th Avenue in the Bankers Hill neighborhood, on the west side of  the park.

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