The NCAA’s – The Elite Eight

Wow, the tournament this year really has lived up to name “March Madness”.  I can’t believe all the highly seeded teams that gone down so far. I received an update from the guy who runs the pool I’m in and I was shocked to find out my brackets are ranked #2 and #5, out of 42. Although I’m finished if the last #1 seed, Kansas, actually wins, because 12 people in my picked KU to win. OTOH, no one in our pool picked Butler, Kentucky, Arizona, UConn, VCU or FL to win it all. I picked Kansas to make it to the Finals in one bracket, but not win. I hope that happens.

My actually hoping Butler pulls the shock of all time and wins it.

Here are my Elite Eight game picks:

Butler defeats Florida

UConn defeats Arizona

Kansas defeats VCU

Kentucky defeats UNC

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