2011 NBA Playoffs 1st Round Predictions

Chicago vs Indiana: I think Indiana will play hard and challenge the Bulls, but Chicago is simply too deep and too strong for the Pacers. Indiana has got a good group of young players and I think they will go past the 1st round within the next 2 years, but not this year. I think Derek Rose will take the Bulls at least as far as the conference finals.

Miami vs Philadelphia: The Heat will have no problem with Philly. I’ll be very surprised if the Sixers win more than one game.

Orlando vs Atlanta: Very tough 4 vs 5 seed match-up here. I think this series goes at least 6 games, but Orlando ultimately prevails. Atlanta can’t stop Dwight Howard.

Dallas vs Portland: I think the Blazers pull off the upset and defeat Dallas. The playoffs are where the Mav’s will really miss Caron Butler.

Boston vs New York: This will be a war, but Boston will win in the end. Boston’s core group still too strong for the revitalized Knick team. Boston in 6.

San Antonio vs Memphis: These two teams split four games during the regular season. Memphis is up and coming and they do have the potential to upset here, but I’ve got to go with the Spurs. I just can’t see the #1 seed in the West losing in the first round. SA’s core group of veteran players and their great coach, Greg Popovich, will make sure they advance.

Los Angeles vs New Orleans: Good warm up series for the Defending Champion Lakers. NO has NO chance here. Lakers in 5 games max. They get some rest as a result of a short series. They’ll need it because it will get a whole lot tougher for the Lakers after this round.

OK City vs Denver: Wow, another brutal 4 vs 5 showdown between two pretty good teams. I’ve got to pick OK City because they have a true superstar in Kevin Durant and a near superstar in Russell Westbrook. Those two will carry OK to victory. OK in 6.

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