NBA Finals 2011

The Miami Heat vs The Dallas Mavericks.

Vegas has made the Heat the favorites and I can understand why. Miami’s Big Three have rolled over some very good teams in playoffs thus far. But in Dallas they meet the one team in the NBA that is capable of beating them right now imo.

Dirk Nowitski has been the best player in playoffs going into this series. I don’t think Miami has anyone that can shut Dirk down. With double teams they may contain him, but I think Dirk will make them pay with passes to the open man if they do that.

James, Wade and Bosh will get their points too. Particularly LeBron James. He presents a very tough match-up problem at SF for Dallas, but I think Dallas’ defense can effectively limit the production of Wade and Bosh.

I also think Dallas has the stronger bench and an edge at coach.

My pick to win this series is Dallas in 6 or 7 games.

My 2011 NBA playoff record to date stands at 9 wins and 5 losses.

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