NFL: Round One Playoff Predictions

Houston Texans vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Texans are -3. My pick is the Texans. I think they win by a TD or more. The Bengals and rookie QB Andy Dalton have had a great season, but the Texans defense is very tough. Texan RB Arian Foster will have a significant advantage at home.

New Orleans Saints vs. Detroit Lions

Saints are -10.5, What ?!? I know the Saints have a high octane offense, but so does Detroit. Not only do I think the Lions can beat the point spread, I think they can win the game outright, in a major upset.

New York Giants vs. Alanta Falcons

Giants are -3. Hmmm, tough call here. I think this game can go either way, but I will go with Giants because of home field advantage.

Denver Broncos vs. Pittsburgh Steelers.

Steelers are -9. I’ve got to go with the Steelers. I think Pittsburgh wins by 10 or more. I am a Tebow fan, but I don’t think he can beat Steelers Defense, it is as simple as that.


I went 2-2.

Texan were tough at home and I expected that.

I thought the young Lions would be able to keep pace with the explosive Saints. Not this year. Lions still a year or two away from challenging for title, but they will get there imo.

I predicted the Giants would win, but I did not think they would be able to shut down Falcons the way they did. Kudos to Coach Coughlin. The Giants are peaking at the right time of the year.

The Denver Bronco win was simply unbelievable. Outside of a few die-hard Bronco fans how many people really thought Tim Tebow could beat what might be the best defense in the league? But, I’m happy to be wrong about this one because I am Tebow fan and I’ve been a Tebow fan all season. With this win he has exceeded all expectations, it doesn’t matter what else he does for the rest of the playoffs. The guy can flat out play QB in the NFL and this performance should put all doubts to rest. It won’t, but it should. Of course, the rest of the Bronco team played well too! Kudos to the entire team and the coaching staff.

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