The 2012 NCAA Basketball Tournament

March Madness is back!! I always look forward to this event. I picked Kentucky to go all the way this year. I’m not exactly going out on limb with that pick, but I don’t think any Cinderella’s are going to make it to the Final Four this year. The winner will be a Heavyweight imo.

Here are my Final Four picks:

South – Kenyucky

West – Missouri

East – Florida State

Midwest – North Carolina

I have Kentucky and FSU meeting in the Finals and Kentucky winning.

UPDATE 03-22-12:

As the tourney enters the Sweet Sixteen phase my bracket has sustained heavy damage as a result of two of my Final Four teams having been eliminated. Kentucky still looks like a pretty good bet to win it all. Of course, picking Kentucky was easy, picking the other teams that will join them in the Final Four has not been so easy.

You can see all my picks on the Excel Spreadsheet link posted below:

George Fattell 2012 NCAA Bracket (1)

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