Dream Team 1992 vs. Dream Team 2012

The U.S. Men’s Basketball Team is dominating, barely beating*, the competition in London and the comparisons to the original 1992 Dream Team have become inescapable in recent weeks.

*U.S. 99 – LITHUANIA 94

Many fans, myself included, have debated which “Dream Team” is better, the 1992 original, which was the first to feature a roster comprised of NBA stars, or the latest version, featuring many of the NBA’s best current players.

Let’s look at the rosters of the two teams:

1992 Team

C-David Robinson 7-1
C-Patrick Ewing 7-0
PF-Karl Malone 6-9
PF-Charles Barkley 6-6
PF-Christian Laettner 6-11
SF-Larry Bird 6-9
SF-Scottie Pippen 6-7
SF-Chris Mullen 6-7
SG-Michael Jordan 6-6
SG-Clyde Drexler 6-7
PG-John Stockton 6-1
PG-Magic Johnson 6-9

Head Coach-Chuck Daly

2012 Team

C-Tyson Chandler 7-1
PF-Kevin Love 6-10
PF-Anthony Davis 6-10
SF-LeBron James 6-8
SF-Carmelo Anthony 6-8
SF-Andre Igoudala 6-6
SF-Kevin Durant 6-9
SG-James Harden 6-5
SG-Russell Westbrook 6-3
SG-Kobe Bryant 6-6
PG-Chris Paul 6-0
PG-Deron Williams 6-3

Head Coach-Mike Krzyzewski

I first became a serious NBA fan when Magic Johnson and Larry Bird entered the league. I have remained a serious NBA fan since the 1980’s, so I am very familiar with the players from both teams.

So, which team do I think is better? Well, here is my two cents…

I think 1992 team would win if the teams played a seven game series on a neutral court, but it would be competitive. I think it is ridiculous to assert that the 2012 could not defeat the 1992 in even a single game. I could easily see the 2012 team winning 2 or 3 games in a 7 game series.

I think the 1992 team has a big advantage at the Center position and at Power Forward.

I’ll give the 2012 team a slight edge at the Small Forward position.

I think the 1992 team gets the edge at both the Shooting Guard position and Point Guard position imo.

One thought on “Dream Team 1992 vs. Dream Team 2012

  1. 8/16/12 – Not long ago, Kareem Abdul Jabbar was asked about the 1992 Dream Team and specifically about Magic Johnson saying it may have been “the greatest team of basketball players ever assembled” to which Kareem flashed his famous half smile have shrug expression. Kareem said that Magic better have a look at the 1972 Western Conference All-Star roster, and opined that given an equal amount of time to prepare, the 72 Western Conference All-Star roster would have been “the greatest roster ever assembled” – I checked that roster and my response to the people who say “who would guard Jordan?” is quite simple; against Kareem and or Wilt, Jordan – or any player for that matter – would have been lucky, just to get a shot off inside of twenty feet. For the record, Wilt averaged 19.2 RPG that season and Kareem averaged 34.8 PPG. Not even close; 1972 Western Conference All Stars:
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    Wilt Chamberlain
    Gail Goodrich
    Connie Hawkins
    Elvin Hayes
    Spencer Haywood
    Bob Lanier
    Bob Love
    Oscar Robertson
    Cazzie Russell
    Paul Silas
    Jimmy Walker
    Jerry West

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