UFC 150 – Denver

Looks like the Dana White & Co. have put together a pretty good card for UFC 150, including a very interesting fight for the Lightweight Championship.

Here are my picks for the top three fights:

Lightweight: Champion Benson Henderson (16-2) vs. Frankie Edgar (14-2)

Rematch of the top two lightweights. Henderson defeated then Champ Edgar by decision in their last fight, which was a brutal 5 round slugfest. Both fighters have great all-around mma skill sets and are extremely well conditioned. As always in this division, Edgar will give up size and weight to his opponent. Edgar is usually able to overcome those disadvantages with his superior conditioning and relentless pace, but Henderson can match Edgar there and seems to be even more athletic. Edgar has great intangibles and very strong will power. Edgar’s weakness is that sometimes he gets reckless and leaves himself open to dangerous strikes and kicks, which he did in his last fight against Henderson, who caught him with an up kick that changed the direction of that fight to Henderson’s favor. If Edgar can avoid making such mistakes this time he can win.

This is a very tough call, but I’m going to go with Edgar by decision.

Catchweight (157.5 lbs): Donald Cerrone (18-4) vs. Melvin Guillard (30-10)

I’m going to pick Cerrone to win by submission in the 2nd rd.

Middleweight: Jake Shields (27-6) vs. Ed Herman (20-7)

Shields returns to the middleweight division, after a mixed run in the UFC welterweight division. I think Shields will be more dangerous as a middleweight, with added muscle. Herman is a tough, up and coming middleweight, but I think Shields has superior wrestling ability and that will enable him to win this fight. I predict Shields wins by submission in the 3rd rd.

Post Event Comments:

Well, I went 2-1 with my picks, but it could have easily been 3-0 because Benson Henderson defeated Frankie Edgar by split decision. I thought both Henderson and Edgar were more conservative in this fight than they were in their first fight, but this fight was extremely close and really could have gone either way imo.

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