Predicting Division Winners for the NFL 2012 Season

Well, here are we are again, it is time for Football. I’m ready.

Here are picks for each Division:

AFC East: New England. Easy pick here. I don’t see any other team in AFC East challenging the Pat’s, with their high octane offense and a defense that should be improved.

AFC North: Baltimore. Cincinnati and Pittsburgh will push Baltimore once again and that makes this division a very tough call, but I think Ravens hold on to this division for at least one more season.

AFC South: Houston. The Texans will be strong on both sides of the ball and I don’t see any of their division rivals challenging them.

AFC West: San Diego. OK, I’ll admit that my adopted hometown bias is influencing this pick. This division could be very competitive and I can see Denver or Kansas City winning the race too, but I’m going to go with the Chargers. Looking for Philip Rivers to play well and I’m counting on the Chargers being stronger on both sides on the ball this season then they were last season.

NFC East: New York. I expect Dallas, Philly and Washington to provide tough competition, but I there I’ve got to go with the defending Champ’s. I grew up about 10 miles from the Meadowlands and consider myself a life long Giants fan, so I will admit to hometown bias here too, but I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here. That said, I would have picked the Eagles if I thought Michael Vick would play the entire season, but I remain skeptical that he will because I think his style of play puts him at too much risk.

NFC North: Green Bay. Chicago and Detroit are not far behind, but I can’t pick against Aaron Rodgers, who remains the best QB in the league imo.

NFC South: Atlanta. New Orleans will be there too, but the expect the Falcons to improve on offense and that will give them the edge.

NFC West: San Francisco. Not a hard choice. The 49ers are stacked on both offense and defense. Seattle should be good, but they won’y threaten the 49ers, who should win this division easily.

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