The 49ers vs The Ravens – My Super Bowl XLVII Prediction

San Francisco 49ers (Jim Harbaugh) vs. Baltimore Ravens (John Harbaugh)

New Orleans, LA

San Francisco is favored by 3 1/2 points.

OK, I have been thinking about this game all week and I have been going back and forth on who I think will win. I think the 49ers have correctly been installed as the slight favorite by Vegas and that makes this game a very tough call. These two teams really are pretty evenly matched, at least on paper. Of course, it may be a blow out, one way or the other. That is the way Super Bowls often go, but I don’t think this one will be one of those games. The Harbaugh brothers certainly know each other and respective teams very well.

I don’t have a bias toward either team. I respect both teams for fighting through the playoffs to finally reach the Super Bowl, but I honestly can’t say that I have ever been a big fan of either franchise, although I did admire the 49ers of the Joe Montana/Bill Walsh era. But that was long, long ago and this 49er team is totally different. Earlier this week I posted a tweet predicting that the 49ers would win by 7. I been wondering if I should change that pick while I still can. I have read the scouting reports and predictions of quite a few sports writers and football analysts for this game. I’d say roughly 2/3’s are picking the 49ers, but a lot of good arguments have been made for both teams. Both QB’s are strong passers, both teams have good WR’s and are capable of putting a lot points on board. Both teams have good RB’s and TE’s. Both have good defenses. However, I think the 49er offense is less predictable and QB Colin Kaepernick is a real X factor in this game because of his dynamic running ability. The Ravens QB Joe Flacco is also a capable runner, but he primarily a drop back passer. Flacco can do a lot of damage if he is given time to throw because he throws the deep ball extremely well. In the end I think the game may decided by the Ravens offensive line. If they can protect Flacco well the Ravens have a good chance of winning this game, but that will be a difficult task because the 49er front 7 are ferocious.

I’d like to just say let the best Harbaugh win, but that would be taking the easy way out.

No, I’m going to stick with original my pick.

The 49ers win by 7

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