The 10 vehicles I would buy if won the lottery

I see quite a few nice cars on the streets of San Diego and other parts of Southern California. I sometimes ask myself which ones I would buy if I had an unlimited budget. So, if I won the lottery or invested in the next stock that goes up several thousand percent and had a few million to spend on vehicles, along with a garage to house them, I think would buy the following 10 vehicles:

1) Ferrari 458 Spider

2) Audi R8

3) Porsche PanameraI think the big Porsche is very cool. Not everyone is a fan of this design, but I am. I think Porsche definitely raised the performance bar for luxury sedans with this car.

4) Tesla Model S This car has redefined all electric vehicles forever. Whenever I see one I feel like I am looking at the future.

5) Chevy Volt

6) Ford F-150 Raptor I decided I wanted at least one truck in the group and this beast is the king of the hill.

7) Honda CRV Also had to add one SUV and the CRV is the best all around value for this type of vehicle imo.

8) Dodge Challenger SRT Of all the neo-muscle cars the Challenger projects the most muscle. I like the Camaro and Mustang too, but I give the Challenger a slight edge over those two.

9) Scion FR-S I think this is the best sports car under 30K. I love the minimalist character of this car. A beautiful design.

10) Honda Civic Natural Gas

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