UFC 162 Silva vs. Weidman – Las Vegas

UFC 162 appears to have the potential to be outstanding MMA event. Any UFC event that features the great Anderson Silva is going to be special, but this event has a lot more going for it than just Spider Silva vs the formidable Chris Weidman in a fight for the UFC Middleweight Championship. I think every fight on the main card could be good, if not great. Although would also say that every one of these fights, with possible exception of one is a very tough call. I can’t say that I would want to bet a lot of money on any of the fights on the main card.

Middleweight Championship

Anderson “Spider” Silva (-260) vs. Chris Weidman (+220)

Well, here is another case where I am faced with a choice of who I want to win vs. who I think will win. I want Chris Weidman to win. I like Weidman for a variety of reasons: He is from the NYC area, former D-1 All American wrestler at Hofstra Univ., he is has become a great MMA fighter (9-0) So, overall, I think Weidman has a great story.

I think CW does have a real shot at defeating Anderson Silva tonight, but if I had to bet I would bet on Silva because he is simply the best UFC fighter of all time and although he is 38 years old there are no signs that Father Time has slowed him yet. Silva has had 37 MMA fights (33-4) and he is undefeated in the UFC, having successfully defended his title 11 times. Both of these fighters have KO ability, but Silva can knockout opponents out with either his hands or his feet. I watched a few of CW’s fights and I think he leaves himself open to strikes too much to survive against Silva’s precision striking. If CW is able takedown Silva multiple times he may be able to submit Silva or pound him out, but that will be a very tall order. As we have seen time and again, Silva just waits for his opponent to give him one opening and then he ends it (20 KO’s).

Silva win by KO in the 3rd round.


Frankie Edgar (-550) vs. Charles Oliveria (+425)

This is the one fight on the main card in which the Sports Books have installed a heavy favorite, in this case former UFC Lightweight Champ Frankie Edgar at -550 (meaning you have to bet $550.00 to win $100.00).

Gotta go with Edgar, the Jersey guy, in this fight.

Edgar wins by TKO 3rd Rd.


Tim Kennedy (-145) vs. Roger Gracie (+125)

This will be the first UFC fight for both of these gentlemen, who both moved over to the UFC from Strikeforce.

Interesting stylistic match-up here. Kennedy, a U.S. Army Special Forces Vet, is a very good all-around MMA fighter, but doesn’t have a single MMA skill that really stands out. At 5’11” Kennedy a compact, powerful striker who can also wrestle well, but may not want to go to the ground against the 6’4″ Roger Gracie, who is a highly decorated Jiu-Jitsu Champion. Yes, Gracie, is from the famous Gracie family, who are legendary in the world of Jiu-Jitsu.

Roger Gracie is 6-1 in MMA competition, his one loss coming against Muhammed Lawal back in Strikforce, when Lawal KO’d him in the 1st Rd. I think Kennedy may be able to do the same thing, but perhaps not in first round. I would also add that Kennedy was able to avoid a submission by Jacare Souza during the course of a 5 round fight they had back in Strikeforce. Kennedy did lose that fight to Jacare by decision, but Jacare is an absolutely top notch Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and grappler, so Gracie may find that Kennedy is very difficult to submit.

Tim Kennedy wins by TKO 2nd Rd.


Mark Munoz (-135) vs. Tim “The Barbarian” Boetsch (+115)

Both of these guys are very solid middleweights. They have similar strengths, both are excellent wrestlers and solid strikers.

This fight is really a toss up in my view. Will they both be in good shape? They appear to be.
Boetsch win by decision.


Cub Swanson (-225) vs. Dennis Siver (+185)

Swanson is on 4 fight win streak, with an overall record of 19-5.

Siver is a dangerous kick boxer from Germany, with a record of 21-8.

This could could be close, but I think Swanson is the more powerful striker and will prevail.

Cub Swanson wins by decision.

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