Podcast Listening… Part II

This is my second post about Podcasts. As I mentioned in my first post about Podcasts, I’ve become a big fan of Podcasts within the last few years and from time to time I will highlight certain Podcasts that I think are interesting, informative or just plain entertaining. When I think it is appropriate I will attach a Film style rating (PG, R, etc.) to the descriptions of the podcasts in order to indicate adult content when appropriate..

The Mark Levin Show Audio Rewind

Mark Levin is a conservative radio talk show host, with a nationally syndicated show. He broadcasts his show from his home in northern Virgina. Mr. Levin is a lawyer by training and served in the Reagan administration in a number of positions, including as the Chief of Staff for Attorney General Edwin Meese.

It doesn’t take long to figure out if you like Levin or not. Not too many people have neutral feelings about Levin. Levin’s opinions are very unambiguous and his criticisms of Democrats, as well as establishment Republicans (RINO’s), can be quite pointed. Some consider his style abrasive and he does engage in a fair amount of yelling, screaming and name calling, but he makes no apologies about that, that’s just his style.

Levin has an exceptional understanding of law and the constitution and I think his insights on legal topics and the activities of Congress, the Executive branch and the Judicial branch of the government are what often make the show worth listening to.

An added bonus in my view is that Levin is a big MMA fan and sometimes discusses the sport on his show, which is rare among the major political talk show hosts. He has interviewed UFC President Dana White and UFC star Chael Sonnen on the show, who happens to be a conservative Republican.

Real Time with Bill Maher Rated R for profanity

And on the other end of political spectrum….we have Bill Maher. I agree Maher a whole lot less than I agree with Levin on most political issues, but I still enjoy the podcast of Maher’s HBO show quite a bit. I would say I only agree with Maher about 10 percent of the time, but I often find the lively debates that he presides over on Real Time interesting, even if the the conservatives that are invited to the show are often outnumbered. However, I appreciate the fact that Maher is willing to allow discussions that cover just about every political topic, no matter how controversial. Although there is a comedic element to Maher’s show I often find the debates on his show more authentic then the debates that take place on the traditional Sunday morning network political shows, such as Meet the Press or Face the Nation.

This is not a video podcast, just the audio from the television show, but that works fine in this case. In some ways I think I enjoy just listening to this particular show more than I do watching it because I can pay attention to the dialogue better.

Disclaimer: My recommendation of a podcast does not necessarily mean that I agree with the views and opinions of the podcast’s host(s) or guests.

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