Our Final Invention: How the Human Race Goes and Gets Itself Killed

Our Final Invention: How the Human Race Goes and Gets Itself Killed.

Want to read a scary article? Read this. I’m glad I probably won’t be around in 40 or 50 years.

Some readers express skepticism in the comments thread, but I think there is at least a 50/50 chance this scenario could unfold, though I’m not sure about the timeline. Hard to predict just how fast some AI technology will be developed. Some current technology surpasses what sci fi writers and futurists of 1950’s to 1980’s projected at this time, but other technology has yet to match what was imagined. I’ll use 2001’s HAL as an example. Here it is almost 2014 and I don’t think any computers exist that are nearly as sophisticated as HAL. OTOH, all sorts of mobile computing devices and the internet itself I’m some respects far exceed anything envisioned a few decades ago.

I am hopeful that there will be some way of controlling advanced AI in the future, but that may indeed be impossible.

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