Visit to New York City


I made a trip to New York City and the Lehigh Valley in PA last week to visit family and friends. I had a great time in both places and took quite a few pictures. The picture above is one my favorites. I love this view of Lower Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge. The striking Freedom Tower, aka World Trade Center 1, has redefined the skyline. Great to see that building nearly complete after all these years. I have seen the building on prior visits to NYC, but this was the first time I have seen it since the top floors were completed. If you blow up the picture below you will notice that there is one small section of the top of the building that is still exposed. Glass panes are still being installed on the top eastern corner of WTC 1, but other than that the exterior of the building seems to be finished.

I know that the design of the WTC 1 has not received universal praise, but I like it. I think WTC 1 projects power and strength and that the new World Trade Center complex gives lower Manhattan a true 21st Century look.

Lower Man fr Brooklyn

I took the PATH train over to Hoboken to take some pictures of WTC 1 from the west side of the Hudson. I will post more pictures soon.

WTC 1 from Hoboken

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