Is the iWatch going to be Apple’s next Big Thing?

As we draw closer and closer to the introduction of the Apple iWatch I have been giving this mysterious product some thought and wondering if it will have an impact similar to that of iPod, iPhone or the iPad.

Apple Monthly Chart
Apple Monthly Chart

Apple, as it usually does, has maintained a high degree secrecy around the development of this highly anticipated product.

I am guardedly optimistic about the iWatch. I think the iWatch will redefine the product category it is in in a way that is similar to the way iPod, iPhone and the iPad redefined their respective product categories. In the past Apple has studied products in a particular category for a fairly lengthy period before introducing their own and the blowing the competition out of the water. Take mp3 players, for example. Remember, there were many mp3 players on the market well before the iPod was introduced. Apple produced a product that mated best in class hardware with best in class software via iTunes and the rest is history. Total market domination was the result.

I really don’t consider any of the so called “smart watches” on the the market currently to be “must have” products. Pebble, Qualcomm, Samsung and a few others have introduced smart watches that are interesting in some ways, but really don’t offer features that I think most people find compelling.

I think the iWatch will offer a lot more capability than any smart watch currently on the market and I think it is logical to assume that the iWatch will be customizable via apps that will be available on iTunes. I also think the iWatch will be much more atheistically attractive than any of the current smart watches on the market. Of course, I am not privy to the design details and features of this product. I am simply basing my assumptions on Apple’s now well established record of innovation and beautiful industrial design.

It should be apparent soon after the iWatch has been released if it is a home run or not. If it is, it will probably be a good time to go long AAPL.

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