March Madness

The NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament has certainly been mad indeed so far. I love this event. I can’t say that there is any team sport event that I enjoy more. I rank it right up there with the NBA and NFL playoffs.

I’ve entered a couple of pools and I have three brackets in play. Here are my Final Four teams for each bracket:

1) Florida, UVA, Arizona, Louisville

2) Florida, Mich St., Arizona, Wichita St.

3) Florida, UVA, Arizona, Duke

I selected Florida to meet Arizona in all three of my brackets, with Florida winning the championship in all three brackets.

Obviously, I’m all in on FLA, as are a lot of other people this year. In retrospect I wish I picked another school to win in one of my brackets, but it was hard to go against the Gators. I just have a lot of confidence in Florida head coach Billy Donovan and his team. We’ll see, from here on in the road gets very tough.

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