My new profile picture

I updated my profile picture on this blog yesterday. The head shot of me which is displayed in the upper right corner of the blog home page is indeed new, although it is similar to the picture it replaced. The old picture was taken a few years ago in Balboa Park in San Diego and the new picture was taken a couple of weeks ago during my visit to Spring Lake, NJ. The original pictures in both cases were much larger, I just cropped them for the purpose of producing a head shot to serve as a profile picture. In the new picture I’m sitting on a bench on the Spring Lake boardwalk.

Why the change? I just like to keep things such as profile pictures fairly recent. I liked the picture in Spring Lake and I thought it would be good to use for a profile shot. So, yup, that’s me. That is what I look like right now.

UPDATE: I just changed my profile picture again. I found a small flaw in the Spring Lake picture and decided to replace it with an even more recent picture I took of myself in Easton, PA, with the Delaware River in the background.

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