Twitter Lists

I only recently found out that Twitter greatly expanded the number of Lists each account can maintain and the number of accounts that can added to each list. When Twitter first introduced Lists a few years ago each account could only have 20 Lists and each of those lists was limited to 500 other Twitter accounts. Twitter bumped up the number of Lists to 1,000 and the max number of accounts in each List from 500 to 5,000. Twitter increased the limits last year, but I had no idea. A few weeks ago I decided to try to add a 21st List for my account just for the heck of it and I was very pleasantly surprised to see that Twitter let me add it. I added another to bring me up to 22 Lists in total. I figured that Twitter might have finally doubled or tripled the List limits, but then I researched the matter and found out that Twitter went far, far beyond that. Awesome!!

I love my Twitter Lists. It makes Twitter much, much more useful in my opinion. I am now up to 26 Lists and counting. I will now be able add many Lists that are very specific. I think it safe to say that I won’t need anywhere near 1,000, but I could see ultimately adding a few dozen more Lists so that I can more effectively follow the Twitter accounts related to my favorite people, places and things.

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