Updates to the GMF Journal Blog

I have been publishing the GMF Journal blog since August of 2019 and I recently refreshed the blog’s interface. The biggest change is a change in the blog theme. I switched from the K2 theme to Lodestar theme and I’m very pleased with clean, modern look of Lodestar. I did not start with the K2 theme back in 2009, but I used that theme for the majority of this blog’s life.

I also changed the Header photo. I called the photo below the Winding Trail and I chose that photo because I thought it was symbolized (emblematic) the journey of life and it captured the beauty of the San Diego area, which is known dramatic meetings of land and sea. I took that photo at the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. I really love that photo, but I felt it would more appropriate to feature photos from my current home, in Easton, PA and the surrounding area, which also has many scenic settings. Right now the header photo features a shot of downtown Easton, taken from College Hill neighborhood in Easton, which is directly north of Historic Downtown Easton. In the future I may add others photo’s from this area and put them in rotation for the header photo.

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