Fantasy Football: NFL 2010 Season

I’m preparing for my own competition in the NFL this season via my fantasy football team, the Warthogs. I will be playing in a Salary Cap league on the Rotohog site this year.

I played in a similar league last year on The Sporting News site and performed pretty well, finishing in the top 5% of all players on that site and winning the league I was in. The Sporting News discontinued their fantasy sports sites this year, hence the move to Rotohog.

How does our league work? The Rotohog site provides the following explanation:

In Premier Salary Cap Football, you’re the General Manager of your own football team! We give you 50,000,000 RotoHog Dollars to draft 11 players (2 QB, 3 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 Team Def.) who will score points for you based on how they play in real-life football games.

As GM, you use your 50,000,000 RHD salary cap to build the best football team you can afford. While they’re on your team, your players score RotoHog Points towards your season-long total by playing in real-life games. If one of your players is in a bad slump, or if he gets hurt, you can cut him and pick up another player to join your team, provided you can afford him. Manage your team wisely, though – you have a limited amount of moves you can make.

Premier Salary Cap Football also features a dynamic player price market – the only one of its kind. Every Monday at 11:00pm ET during the season, starting on Monday, Sept. 20th, player’s salaries are updated, rising or falling based on the trading activity by YOU, the GMs. Just like the stock market, you can increase your purchasing power by buying low and selling high.

Once the season has started I plan on posting my team roster and my thoughts on players that I think look like good values.

I welcome any suggestions for players. I’m always on the look out for diamonds in the rough.