Visit to The Edge at Hudson Yard, New York City

On Wednesday, September 16th, I visited The Edge at Hudson Yards, which is New York’s newest high altitude observation deck. The Edge opened back March, but it only remained open for a couple of weeks before it was closed when Covid-19 forced the entire city to shut down. I came very close to going to The Edge back in early March, but I postponed my trip because news of C-19 rapidly spreading The Edge is located on the 99th and 100th floors of 30 Hudson Yards, the tallest building in the Hudson Yards development. The Hudson Yards complex is located on the Westside of Manhattan, between 30th St. and 10th Avenue and 34th St. and 10th Avenue.

Here is a short video I made on the outdoor portion of the Observation Deck. It was a little windy up there, which I guess you have expect at that height. And I have to make a correction to something I said in the video regarding height. The Edge is 1,100 ft. in the air, not 1,000 ft., which I stated in video. The outdoor deck is 7,500 square feet and the glass walls on the deck are 9 ft. tall. The deck is comprised of 15 sections that were lifted by two cranes and bolted together.

View of Hudson Yards from the HighLine
Hudson Yards view from 34th St. and 9th Ave. The Outdoor observation deck is positioned on the North and East sides on 30 Hudson Yards.
The view East from the Indoor observation deck. Notable buildings you can see from this angle include the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the new One Vanderbilt, 432 Park Ave and 53W53.
View East from Indoor Deck
The view South from the Outdoor Observation deck. The Hudson River is to the right and One World Trade Center is straight ahead.
The view of the Outdoor Observation deck. There is glass triangle on the left that allows visitors to see straight down, On the right there bar that sells a variety of beverages, including soft drinks, beer , wine and champagne. I had a Brooklyn Beer. You have to sit on steps that like bleachers that rise above the deck while you have your drink. An Edge employee directs you to a location where you can sit so that proper social distancing is maintained.
View East toward Midtown Manhattan.
View of Westside, Central Park and Midtown.