UFC 101 post fight

Well, I went 2 for 2 tonight, although I thought Forest Griffin would last longer than 1 round. Anderson Silva totally dominated Griffin and KO’d him at 3:23 in the first Rd. It wasn’t close in any way. I now hope Dana White can arrange a fight between Silva and Lyoto Machida.

Penn submitted Florian in the 4th Rd. I got the round right, but I predicted TKO. Well, it came close to a TKO at several points. Florian gave it his all, but he was outclassed in the strength dept. and had no advantage in skills. Penn’s take down defense was very effective. Penn won every round in my opinion, but it was still a competitive fight. BJ Penn was a major step up for Florian and he is going to have to study this fight and improve in a number of areas if he hopes to defeat a fighter of Penn’s caliber in the future.

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