UFC 101 Predictions

I posted my predictions for UFC 100 on You Tube, but I can’t do that this time around due to a sore throat. So, I am going to take this opportunity to make my predictions here on the gmf journal blog. It has been my intention to get this blog rolling for the past few weeks and this seems to be as good a topic as any for my first post. I am going to use this blog to comment on a wide range of subjects that are of interest to me. Everything from sports and politics to science and religion. That and more. At some point in the future I would like to write other blogs that will that will be about specific subjects, but for now I’m going stick with writing one general interest blog. OK, on to UFC 101.

Light HWT Fight

Anderson Silva vs. Forest Griffin: I don’t see how Griffin can win this fight. Anderson Silva is just too good. The guy has no weaknesses. He can fight well on his feet or on the ground. Forest Griffin is also very well rounded. He will be well prepared and fights with a lot of spirit. I like Griffin, but I don’t see how he will last 3 rounds with Silva, because Griffin does not have KO power in his strikes. If Griffin could not KO Rampage Jackson or Rashad Evans I don’t see how he KO’s Silva. Anderson Silva, on the other hand, has plenty of KO power and can KO opponents with either his hands or his feet.

Silva wins by TKO, 2nd Rd.

Lightweight Fight

B.J. Penn vs. Kenny Florian: I have gone back and forth on this fight in past few weeks because these two seem to be pretty evenly matched. Each has their advantages, Penn is probably the better striker and Florian has stronger kicks (hey, he was a Div. I soccer player at Boston College). Both have strong ground games. Both also seem to be highly motivated for this fight. Penn wants restore his reputation after his one sided loss to Georges St. Pierre and Florian badly wants the recognition that a championship belt will bring him.

I think Penn wins this fight, but it will be a hard fought battle. In the end I still think Penn is most skilled UFC fighter at 155 pounds. Going up to 170 to face GSP was a bridge too far for him. He simply got overpowered by GSP and was also up against one of few fighters in UFC who had a superior MMA skill set. Florian will not be able to overpower Penn at 155 and does not have an MMA skill set that is superior to Penn’s imo.

Penn wins by TKO, 4th Rd.

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