Honda CR-Z

The new Honda CR-Z
The new Honda CR-Z

Honda recently rolled out the latest version of their new CR-Z hybrid coupe a few days ago at the Tokyo Auto Show. I saw a concept version of this vehicle at the LA Auto Show last year and was very impressed by it. This design is very similar, but clearly more refined. The production version, due to be released in Japan next February, should be very close to the car pictured above. I’ve read that the CR-Z should be priced in the $19,000 to $25,000 range. That is a little further upscale than the Honda CR-X, which inspired this car, but think the CR-Z is a fitting successor to bold little hatchback that Honda introduced back in 1983. If this car delivers high milage and drives like a true sports car this thing will be a big hit imo.

The CR-Z may indeed redefine Honda as at least an equal to Toyota in the auto world in terms of hybrid innovation and leadership. The much hyped Honda Insight has failed to that, but the striking little coupe might.


Various web sites report that the CR-Z will have 1.5-liter engine that should produce 140 hp. Given the light weight of this vehicle that might should give it enough power to at least make it fun. The CR-Z is not going to win any drag races with a Corvette or a Ferrari, but it should be able to compete with the Scion tC, Mini Cooper and other sporty cars in the 17k to 25k range.

There are also reports that Honda will introduce a hybrid version of the Fit, also using a 1.5-liter engine. I think that car would be very popular, but it would probably steal sales from the Insight. That’s OK though. The Fit is superior platform. Once the Hybrid Fit is up and running I think Honda should discontinue the Insight or redesign it, make it larger and move it further upscale to complete with midsize hybrids.

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