Air Show 2009 at MCAS Miramar


I visited Marine Corps Air Station Miramar on Saturday to catch the annual Air Show and it did not disappoint. The weather was great this year and there was an impressive collection of aircraft on display, although I did note that there were no B-1’s on the tarmac this year. I guess all the B-1’s are being put to use right now and that is fine. Better that they are Afghanistan or Iraq or some other place where they can help our troops. Of course, the Navy Blue Angels were there and they provided great entertainment with their spectacular formation flying and stunts.

I took quite a few pictures at the show this year, but I really could not capture many good shots of planes in flight with my point and shoot Kodak. It is a great little camera for static objects, but it is not well suited for taking pictures of high performance aircraft on the go. Still, I Iike many of the pictures I did get. There is no substitute for being there, but I think my pictures do illustrate the wide variety of aircraft at the show and the large scale of the event.

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