iPhone vs Droid

Paid a visit to the local Verizon store to see the new much hyped Motorola Droid in person. It does indeed look like a solid entry for MOTO in the smartphone field. However, my initial impression of the Droid is that it is a bit overrated. It just doesn’t seem as user friendly as the iPhone. The Android OS seemed more complex than the iPhone OS and not in a good way. Moreover, the slide out physical keyboard is just OK imo. The buttons are rather small and I don’t see that keyboard as any big advantage. That said, I’m glad to see that Motorola is back in the game and that they have produced a decent phone again

The ad campaign for the Droid seems to be aimed at tech geeks and that is who the this phone will probably appeal to the most. At this point I don’t think the Droid will be a huge sales hit, but I think it will definitely develop a strong niche following. I’m glad the Droid is out there though because it will give Apple even more of an incentive to improve the iPhone.

The iPhone remains the best Smartphone imo, but the Droid should be another reminder to Apple that it cannot rest and must continue to improve the iPhone to keep it ahead of the pack.

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